Crazy Cat Lady to the Rescue!


On my way to be a kitty helper. Saw a post on Pet Pardons for this girl and since I work right around the corner, I am going to rescue her. Please contact me if you’d like to help with her vet bills and fees to collect her. I’ll also need help finding her furrever home!


Gobble Gobble Gone

All morning, Oliver stood guard in the kitchen by the stove while the turkey was warming up. He waited with those big, sully eyes while we cut it up. And his plate full of turkey drippings, white meat and savory skin was gone in 2.1 seconds.

While we were eating, he decided to watch over the turkey so none of the other cats could sneak in a recon mission. I heard him hiss at one or two of them and they both ran out of the kitchen. Who knew we had a turkey guard in the house?

Needless to say, his food coma from the feast was shortlived. He’s been back for seconds, and thirds. There will be no leftovers at this house. Happy Thanksgiving, Oliver. I know you’re glad to be in a rescue home awaiting a furrever family. It sure beats living under a trailer and behind the trashcan with your feral brothers and sisters.

What Happens When Cats Eat Licorice on a Sunday Night


Don’t worry, guys. I’ve got things under control.

Time for a Cat Nap

Nothing like an afternoon siesta. This little guy loves his foster cat daddy!

National Feral Cat Day

So a cool thing happened today. I was in LA for a meeting and walked around downtown to kill time during rush hour. Saw a cool pet store named Pussy & Pooch so I wandered in. Low and behold, the crazy cat gods were smiling upon me. A wonderful organization called FixNation was having an event there for National Feral Cat Day. (They even had Malibu, but I digress).

And wonder of all wonders, Cat Daddy himself was making an appearance and doing an acoustical performance for guests. I donated to the cause and met a bunch of dedicated people, all fabulous and working to advocate TNR.

If you’re in the LA area and turn a blind eye when it comes to “strays” being someone else’s problem, these are the folks who step in to make sure it doesn’t become a problem. Kudos to FixNation, Jackson Galaxy and Pussy & Pooch for hosting the event.


I think Jackson should change his nickname. He’s really the Pied Piper of Pussy 🙂

Smiles Everyone, Smiles

Every kitten we take in gets lessons in good hygiene. Oliver is particularly fond of having his teeth brushed now. It’s helpful to start getting kittens acclimated to this so they stay healthy and don’t gross you out with nasty tuna breath!!

We also play beauty parlor every few weeks where they get brushed, bathed and have their nails clipped while sitting on a lap. Ear checks and Q-Tips are also part of beauty parlor day.

Happy Caturday!

Will Feral

Yeah! Almost all of the adult cats in our feral colony have been spayed/neutered! Since we can’t take all the kittens inside, we’ve tried befriending a few of the younger ones in hopes they’d adapt to people and socialize. Some have resisted but a couple were curious enough to let us get up close and personal with them.

Buddy has been an outstanding success. He camps out on our porch, follows us through the condo park area and plays with the toys we bring him. He’s got a healthy appetite and weighed in at seven pounds when we took him to the Spay/Neuter clinic two weeks ago. He’s much like his brother, Oliver, in that he purrs the instant you look at him. He loves rubbing up around your feet and getting love.

He’s about four months old now, has a flea collar and after I got him neutered, I also paid for Revolution to treat his ear mites. He’s such a handsome fellow. I know he’d love to call somewhere his furrever home!

Email us at to make your kitty ❤ match with Buddy!